Happiness First Aid Kit

6 thoughts on “Happiness First Aid Kit”

    1. Dear Wenchy.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this blog article and to post comments.

      It can be ultra annoying to run out of prescription medication.

      So your box and future self will undoubtedly welcome a few capsules. 😉

      Wishing you a good day!

      Warm regards,


  1. One of the best post Ive read on WordPress by a psychologist. I enjoyed answering the questions and found this article very helpful, thank you. I took time to answer some of them.

    What would I want a loved one or partner to buy me when I am feeling down or ill?
    • Two tickets for an around-the-world cruise, a good quality camera and $10,000 spending money. XD

    What could I include that would appeal to all my senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell)?

    • Sight: Antique buttons, ancient coins from around the world, flowers, art and photos, looking into his eyes.
    • Sounds: Sea waves, other calming sounds of nature, music, laughter of children, family and friends, my pet’s playful barks and growls when playing tug-o-war with her.
    • Touch: Loving hugs/cuddling, walking barefoot on soft dew covered grass or in sea foam.
    • Taste: Juicy fruits, chocolate mousse, salty snacks, spicy foods.
    • Smell: Freshly washed linens, sea breezes, pine needles, oranges, and almost scent at Bath and Body Works.

    Is there any comforting object from childhood that I might want to include (a toy, baby blanket, illustrated storybook etc)?
    • I racked my brain on this one, came up with nothing, sorry.

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    1. Hi Make Happy Happen!

      Thank you for following my blog and reading this post!

      Thank you for giving me feedback on what the questions inspired in you.

      When I am writing, I hope that each article will truly touch and be of use to AT LEAST one reader.

      I can safely tick that box as far as this article on the Happiness First Aid Kit is concerned.

      Your answers illustrate how broadly one can think when putting together one’s “kit.”

      Keep reading and I hope you find more of the content useful to your life.

      Warm regards,

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